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The Best Strategies for Long Term Investments

1. Value Picks Strategy

Value Piacks Strategy is an investment strategy where MCX are selected that trade for less than their intrinsic values. It is generally seen that market overreacts to good and bad news, resulting in MCX price movements that do not correspond with a company's long-term fundamentals, giving an opportunity to profit when the price is deflated. This value buying strategy based MCX selection gives good upside return potential in the long term. You can pick MCX based on their intrinsic value when it is above its current market price. Such a strategy of picking MCX is called Value picks investment strategy.

2. The Best Trader Strategy

"The Naked Trader” is a famous investment strategy book by Robbie Burns which focuses and delves deeply into growth investing strategy. In this strategy MCX are exclusively selected on the basis of strong growth and earnings in the recent past. Other factors are also taken into consideration like the price momentum and value, and focus is placed on small and mid-cap MCX. High leverage companies are avoided in this selection process as it affects the profitability and return on equity of the company. MCX are also screened on valuation parameters like PE, EV/EBITDA, P/BV ratio, so that reasonably priced MCX are selected. You can choose this strategy for adding to your kitty high growth MCX.

3. The Intelligent Investor Strategy

 The strategy which corresponds to the mantras highlighted in this book applies the few criterions to sMCX selection like companies with low Debt / Equity Ratio and high “Earnings to Fixed Charges” ratio indicate long term solvency and the soundness of long-term financial policies of the company. Graham emphasizes the use of “price to book value” ratio for picking up undervalued companies which are showing future growth prospects in terms of Earnings as well as Cash Flows.

4. Growth and Dividend strategy

This MCX selection strategy was developed by Kevin Matras, an US based investment expert in his book "Finding #1 Stocks: Screening, Back testing and Time-Proven Strategies". Companies having high return on capital employed will be able to manage endurable earning growth. High return on capital employed with low debt/equity ratio leads to high return on equity which gives good return in stock market. In Growth and Dividend strategy, stocks are selected based on high return on equity in the same sector. Companies are further screened based on their P/OCF (Price to Operating Cash Flow) instead of just PE ratio. High operating cash flows gives a company the ability to sustain earnings growth.

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